About Us

Since 1981 GWEM Systems Limited has been providing market planning services for large established companies, expanding companies, and start up companies. These plans have involved a variety of products ranging from multi-million dollar electronic systems, to sophisticated farming equipment, to specialized cosmetics. The planning was mainly for entering the products into the global market.

Gerhard (Gerrie) W. Kautz, B.Sc., M.Eng., the principal consultant of GWEM has over 25 years experience in international market entry planning and international marketing. He has done business in over 40 countries, including throughout Canada and the USA. He has had 8 books published on the subject of international business, including the best seller Exporting From Canada published by Self-Counsel Press. The books are described in www.kautzbooks.com.

GWEM can help you take your products and business into a wider market and higher profitability.