1. How We Do Business

The initial contact with GWEM, usually by telephone (613-821-5273) or initiated by email (, determines whether or not GWEM can help you. The next step is either a face-to-face meeting or an extended telephone meeting during which GWEM learns about your product, and your business plans. GWEM then presents you with a proposal on what we can do for you, the time frame, and the cost of doing the contracted work. If you are happy with the proposal, you simply send GWEM a purchase order. During the course of the work GWEM may have other questions for you, but we try to bother you as little as possible. At the end of the contract you receive a detailed report on the contracted work, including a recommended action plan, and an invoice. In some situations GWEM may require progress payments.

2. Confidentiality

Business confidentiality is very important to the staff at GWEM. All business information you divulge to us, or we develop for your business, is kept between us. If you prefer we can sign a "Non-Disclosure Agreement" which legalizes the fact that we will not disclose your business information to a third party, and you will not disclose our business methodology and data base information.

3. Contract Results

In most cases the results of a GWEM contract are in a report which contains a recommended action plan for you to follow to progress your business. You then proceed with the recommendations at your own pace, and if required, GWEM can help you as you proceed. However, we would like to caution you that is some cases GWEM may conclude that the business is not viable and recommend you not proceed, or proceed in a different direction than initially considered. This will prevent you from wasting resources on a money losing venture.